TURFCALL’S highest priority to sort out the pay structures. See Appendix A Reform Brief Pay Suggestions.

Set-up Grades A and B as top professional recognised skill and experience levels to receive large increases in top up pay.

Grade A. Top professional recognition pay and reward for the skill and art of TOP horsemen and horsewomen.

Grade B. Top professional recognition pay and reward for the skill and art of ADVANCED horsemen and horsewomen.

Grade C. Those having completing the proposed 5 year University courses now working their way up. To earn a significant and good wage with further career opportunities of their choice, open to them.

Set out a separate level for Learners/students/apprentices. Set out a separate level for part timer’s, in two sections. ( i.) Thoroughbred handlers/riders as in Grades A.B.and C. ( ii.) Non thoroughbred handlers.

Mystiko (left), Jock (middle) and Clive Brittain

TURFCALL’S remuneration suggestion to establish the “Heart of Horseracing Pool Licence”
That the further funds to make these wages up should come from yearly licences / subscriptions and performance monies to be charged as standard practice to all the other parties who directly benefit and make their living from horseracing. In other words those who directly benefit from the skilled and professional expertise of all those who prepare these animals for the track, the purpose behind each racing team, who put the show on the road. The very heart and backbone of horseracing. These are the people to whom the true copyright of this industry/sport belong.

At present these other sections of the industry are taking all the benefits and creaming off most of the profits which are not applicable to them alone in any way. Their attention is called to the plight that they are directly causing and placing these trainers teams of multi talented personnel in, where every player is urgently needed to play their part. The very heart of horseracing at this key grass roots level, they do not deserve to be neglected and forced into poverty this way.


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